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Mouth tape for runners, tennis players and athletes

Mouth tape for runners, tennis players and athletes

For athletes, proper breathing is a fundamental pillar of optimal performance. Efficient breathing enhances oxygen delivery to muscles, fueling energy production and minimizing fatigue. Deep breaths during exercise facilitate the removal of carbon dioxide and metabolic waste, aiding in sustained effort.

Controlled breathing techniques can also manage stress and anxiety, crucial for maintaining focus during competition. Mindful breathing fosters a mind-body connection, synchronizing movements with inhalations and exhalations. Regular practice of breathing exercises strengthens respiratory muscles, increasing lung capacity and endurance.

In essence, mastering the art of breathing empowers athletes to maximize their potential, ensuring peak performance and overall well-being.

So, what happens when an athlete tapes her mouth tape? The whole world takes notice. 

That's exactly what happened recently with tennis player Iga Swiatek when she was photographed preparing for the Canadian Open with tape over her mouth

People were skeptical about why Iga would tape her mouth shut and article after article quickly speculated. 

The truth is, Iga's technique for training is something many athletes already know: improved breathing helps sustain performance. 

One beloved example is young elite soccer players training at high altitudes (where the air is thinner) in order to improve their breathwork. 

Another is the use of box breathing to calm anxiety before a big competition. 

Mouth taping is just one tool in the toolbox for athletes interested in improving their nasal breathing and overall oxygen absorption both during training and competition. 

If you're an athlete, we'd love to hear what breathing techniques you use to improve your game. Drop us a line at and we'll send you a FREE pack of Dryft Sleep Mouth Tape in exchange for a 15-min phone call so we can learn your story! 

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