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We offer a 100% money-back guarantee. We encourage you to try Dryft Sleep Strips for at least three nights to get used to them (we realize it may feel a little different at first) so once you’ve given them a try and decided you don’t love them just email us at and we’ll work to make it right or give you your money back.

Dryft Sleep Strips are not intended for children under age six, those with heart conditions, nasal congestion or other breathing disorders, diagnosed or otherwise. Those at risk of vomiting or that use sedatives, alcohol or other potential intoxicants, known or otherwise, and those unable to remove the tape on their own should not use Dryft Sleep Strips. Statements regarding our products have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease and/or health condition. We work dilligently to deliver a high-quality product that exceeds the expectations of our customers. If you have any thoughts, concerns or questions about using Dryft Sleep, please refer to our FAQs page or contact our care team directly.

Yes! We now ship to Canada. International shipping fees apply.

With lots of self-love :) JK, it starts with opening the package! Remove an individual Dryft Sleep Strip from the package and hold it in one hand. With the other hand, gently separate the liner from the Strip at the divider line. Apply the Strip to clean, dry, closed lips starting on one side and gently pressing across the lips. Dispose of the Strip liner. Breathe through your nose normally and use the mouth-breathing vent as needed. 

Gently lift Dryft Sleep Strips from one side and lift across until the Strip is off. With our medical-grade adhesive, the Strip should only gently tug at your skin, and leave no residue behind.

Dryft Sleep Strips should fit gently on and slightly over your lips. The mild, medical-grade adhesive should stick to your skin without pulling. Use your fingers to gently press the Strip onto your lips so it adheres evenly. If you experience any discomfort, remove the Strip and consider washing your skin or skin with a milk soap and water. Dryft Sleep Strips do not have any known interactions with skincare, but mild sensitivity may occur.

Yes! Dryft Sleep Strips have a small mouth breathing vent for mouth breathing. Dryft Sleep Strips are designed to encourage you to breathe through your nose but may take some time to get used to, and the mouth breathing vent is helpful when you’re still practicing consistent nasal breathing. 

The answer here is it’s up to you! Dryft Sleep Strips are meant to be used as a tool to encourage nasal breathing, but sometimes our nasal passages get blocked from things like weather, sinus congestion, or other issues. If you feel like you cannot effectively and safely breathe through your nose, discontinue the use of Dryft Sleep Strips until you return to normal nasal breathing patterns. If you’re concerned about your ability to breathe through your nose while sleeping, you will still be able to breathe through your mouth normally with our mouth-breathing vent. 

Our testing has shown that the gentle, yet effective, medical-grade adhesives on our Dryft Sleep Strips are strong enough to stay affixed to your skin all night long. No finding it on your pillow the next morning! We encourage you to apply any lip balms or creams on or around your lips about 30 minutes before you apply your Dryft Sleep Strip so that they are dry during application. 

The answer is no! Dryft Sleep Strips are made with a medical-grade adhesive designed for the most sensitive skin and will not leave any residue behind after use. We do encourage you to apply Dryft Sleep Strips to clean, dry skin, free of any creams, lip balms or makeups to ensure even adhesion to the skin.

Yes! Dryft Sleep Strips can be used morning, noon and night! Sometimes we even like to wear them when we’re Netflix-and-chilling ;) Dryft Sleep Strips are a great way to help your nasal breathing practice so we encourage you to use them whenever you want to focus on nasal breathing. 

Dryft Sleep Strips are designed with a medical-grade adhesive that is gentle on the skin so it is unlikely to interact with your skincare routine or products. We do recommend you apply any skincare products (including lip balm or creams) about 30 minutes in advance of applying Dryft Beauty-Sleep Strips to ensure the Strips adhere to the skin comfortably. We encourage you to make Dryft Beauty-Sleep Strips a part of your skincare routine at night. Because we all know how great your skin can look after a good night’s sleep!

We’re so glad you asked! As aspiring super-sleepers, proper nasal breathing is really important to us and we’d love to share more helpful information with you! First, you can check out our blog where we’ve written a few articles about mouth/lip taping, and the overall benefits of nasal breathing. We also love the book “Breath: The New Science of a Lost Art” by James Nestor. The article “What Are The Advantages of Nose Breathing Vs. Mouth Breathing” on Healthline is also a great resource, as is this MindBodyGreen article “How To Strengthen Your Immune System By Breathing Through Your Nose” by Jason Wachob. We also love Dr. Andrew Weil’s video “Breathing Exercises: 4-7-8 Breath.” 

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Simply click the “Subscribe & Save” button on the Dryft Sleep Strips product section of our site to sign up for subscriptions and unlock 10% off every order. You will be charged monthly by our subscription application reCharge. If you encounter any issues with your subscription, or any order, simply email us at and we’ll make it right! 

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Gently remove your Dryft Sleep Strips in the morning upon waking, fold it in half so the sticky side faces in and place it in the trash. We do not recommend reusing our Strips for multiple nights.

We do not recommend reusing our Strips for multiple nights. However, if you awake at night and want to sip some water or otherwise need to remove the Strip temporarily simply place the strip somewhere convenient and clean, like the back of your hand, and then place it back on your lips. Dispose as normal in the morning.

Do not use Dryft Sleep Strips if your nasal airways are obstructed in any way. Dryft Sleep Strips are meant to encourage nasal breathing, not prevent mouth breathing. Our breathing vent allows for mouth breathing when necessary. Dryt Sleep Strips should only be used when nasal breathing is unobstructed. Consult a medical profession if you feel that your nasal airways might be obstructed. Consult a medical professional before using Dryft Sleep Strips if you believe you are not breathing properly or have concerns about your ability to safely breathe through your nose. The advice on this website is not a substitute for that of a licensed medical professional.

If you find your Dryft Sleep Strips aren’t adhereing to your lips comfortably, there’s likely something on your skin that’s preventing the adhesive from sticking. Try applying skincare at least 30 minutes prior to applying the Strip, especially lip balm. Oils, creams and lotions on the skin may prevent Dryft Sleep Strips from sticking to your lips. But good for you for maintaining that beauty routine, girl! 

Make it part of your sleep routine! Just like brushing your teeth, combing your hair or applying skincare before bed, Dryft Sleep Strips are a great addition to the routine that helps you dryft to sleep soundly every night. We recommend keeping them in your bedside drawer for easy application just as you get into bed at night.

Dryft Sleep Strips are mouth tape, also known as lip tape. These terms all describe materials that use gentle adhesives to aid in nasal breathing during sleep. The terms mouth tape or lip tape don’t roll off the tongue quite as nicely as Dryft Sleep Strips though, do they? ;)

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