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The Benefits of Lip Tape

The Benefits of Lip Tape

Welcome to the world of Dryft and everything you ever wanted to know about lip tape. Maybe you’re here because you’re wondering “why do I need lip tape” or “how does lip tape help my breathing?” You came here for a reason (hello? You want more restful sleep!) and we’re here to share a few of the key benefits of lip tape and how it may help you get some soul-fulfilling zzz’s for more pleasant days. 

The Benefits of Lip Tape: 

Sleeping Beauty 

Let’s start with the obvious: you look super cute while sleeping with Dryft Beauty-Sleep Strips, aka lip tape. Kidding, but not really ;). Our pleasantly Barbie-esque, lip-shaped tape does the job you want it to do (keep your mouth shut while sleeping) while looking pretty darn cute, too. 

This shape was done with intention though. Our gently curved lip shape was designed to fit over your lips without reaching too far onto the delicate skin surrounding them. Why? We’re so glad you asked! 

We’ve found that other lip tape products on the market are often designed with the male anatomy in mind, meaning they’re larger and more downward-facing. And nobody loves to wear a frown when they’re sleeping! 

Dryft Beauty-Sleep Strips are also designed with a small vent hole for gentle mouth breathing, which can be especially helpful when you’re just getting used to sleeping with your mouth closed. Gently breathe in and out of your mouth during your first few uses to mentally assure yourself that, yes, if for some reason you can’t breath through your nose, you can simply breath through your mouth with the vent hole. 

And, let’s not forget drooling! No sleeping beauty wants to be caught with their mouth open and a wet drool stain on their pillow. Eww!  Dryft Beauty-Sleep Strips gently keep you mouth closed to prevent drooling while sleeping (which also helps prevent dry mouth when you wake up!). 

Nasal Breathing, Optimized 

Maybe you’re like us and read “Breath: The New Science of a Lost Art” by James Nestor in 2020 when it first came out. Did you love? Us too! 

When we first read this book it was a game-changer! As women that have chronically breathed through our mouths while sleeping, it was enlightening to read about the incredible benefits of nasal breathing from such a well-researched source. 

What we learned from that book (and countless physician-supported articles as we went down the research rabbit role) was that nasal breathing is most effective for three reasons: 

  1. Your nose is naturally designed to humidify the air you breathe. It warms and moisturizes this air, making it easier for your lungs to use. Happy lungs mean easy breathing. 
  2. Nasal breathing filters out foreign particles, naturally. Those funny little nasal hairs in your nose (no, please don’t snip them!) filter out dush, allergens, pollen and any other airborne particles in your environment while sleeping. Filtering prevents these particles from entering your lungs.  
  3. Nasal breathing also produces nitric oxide, a vasodilator, which is a technical way of saying it helps widen blood vessels, which can help improve oxygen circulation in your body. 

Mouths are for eating!  

When you consider all of the amazing things your mouth does for you every day (chew food, taste things, help you gulp down your favorite happy hour cocktail) it really makes you wonder why you’d want to breathe through your mouth at all! Breathing through your mouth is even associated with some health risks. We’ll talk about the potential health risks of mouth-breathing next, but remember that we’re not doctors, so consider asking your medical practitioner about any changes in your sleeping or eating habits before considering sleeping with Dryft Beauty-Sleep Strips. 

As you breathe through your mouth (especially while sleeping), you lose moisture, which can cause dry mouth and increase your risk of inhaling allergens (remember how we mentioned the lovely filtering effects of your nose?!). Breathing through your nasal cavities also increases your oxygen uptake and circulation, while simultaneously slowing down your breathing and strengthening your diaphragm. 

And, did you know that snoring is actually a result of breathing through your mouth, not your nose?! That was news to us but makes so much sense now. Sleeping witn your mouth closed can lower your risk of snoring or developing sleep apnea, a condition which causes you to stop and start breathing while you sleep. 

If you’d like to learn more about nasal breathing, we sourced some of this information from this article from Healthline.

Ready to start sleeping beauty? Click here to shop now. 

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