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Top 5 Bedtime Rituals for your Best Sleep

Top 5 Bedtime Rituals for your Best Sleep

We’re gonna bet you have a skincare ritual that you’ve honed and updated over the years and are constantly striving to improve. 

First off, good for you for taking care of your skin! Routines, or rituals, are amazing tools to keep yourself accountable to activities that make you look or feel better. 

So, if you’re spending all of this effort (and money!) on your skin, why not also address a core contributor to good skin: strong breathing. 

That’s right, according to Vogue, “breathing correctly can help you build immunity and get better skin.” Sign us up! 

With better breathing (and, thus, better skin!) in mind, we’ve rounded up our Top 5 sleeptime rituals that can help you in your journey to happier mornings, glowier skin and an all-over better feeling you

You can do all of these sleeptime rituals or just pick one or more to create a routine that works for you every evening. Miss a night? No big deal! Everything time you make the effort to improve or elevate your sleeptime ritual, you’re just contributing to the greater whole of your sleep success. I mean, we are all aspiring Super-Sleepers, right?! 

  1. Turn off that darn phone! 30 minutes before bed, put away, turn off or hide (hey, sometimes it’s necessary) your phone, tablet for computer. Screentime before bed has been shown to impact your sleep cycle and is a big no-no if you want those zzz’s. 
  2. Warm up your body! This might mean stretching, a hot bath or shower or just cuddling up with that someone special (yep, cats count, too!) to gently increase your body temperature before jumping into bed. A warm body is a relaxed body and will help you slip into some soothing sleep. 
  3. Take off your makeup! Yep, it’s that easy. The simple art of “taking off the day” can have an incredible impact on your mental ability to leave the trials or thrills of the day behind as you venture toward restful sleep. Whether your skincare routine is 1 step or 10, dive into a sleeptime ritual that takes good care of your skin. 
  4. Get comfy. Whether it’s the jammies you swear by or the silk pillowcase that doesn’t leave a crease when you wake, invest in the comfy things that make your bed a place of rest, peace and quiet. We hear Brooklinen makes some cozy sheets and loungewear that make your bedtime look the star of the show. Splurge a little if you must but at minimum invest in quality fabrics for your body and your bed that make you feel good. 
  5. Quiet time. Everyone has different thresholds for sound when they’re sleeping. Just ask founder Lindsey, who’s husband can fall asleep in a train station while she needs the dead silence of a cave to go to sleep! Think about and develop a sound-related routine to help you get to sleep at night. That might mean a sound machine (or app) with gentle, snoozy tunes. Maybe it’s a fan for white noise. Maybe it’s nothing at all, super-sleeper! Whatever floats your audio boat, fine-time this sleeptime ritual and write it down so you can replicate when seasons change or if you move homes. 

Got another sleeptime ritual you want to share with us? Tell us in 100 words or less by emailing and we’ll send you a code for 10% of your next order. Got a video or photo that showcases part of your sleeptime routine? We’ll give you a code 30% off if you share it with us!   

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