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Brit + Co Loves Mouth Tape

Brit + Co Loves Mouth Tape

When it comes to sleeping, we could all use more of it, so dive in with us on this article from Brit + Co: “Do I Need Mouth Tape? Here's An Expert's Advice On The Sleep Trend.

We spend a third of our lives in bed….so why not invest in better sleep? 

Despite the growing volume of sleep advice, focusing on one specific method like mouth taping can help you navigate the overwhelming world of sleep hygiene and get the rest you need.

So, why consider mouth taping?

  1. Promotes Nasal Breathing: Mouth taping gently nudges you to breathe through your nose during sleep. Nasal breathing offers several benefits. It acts as a natural filter for dust and allergens, humidifies the air you inhale, and even regulates blood pressure. This can lead to a clearer airway, reduced congestion, and potentially better overall sleep quality.
  2. Reduces Snoring: If you snore due to mouth breathing, mouth taping can be a game-changer. By forcing nasal breathing, it reduces vibrations in the throat that cause snoring. This not only improves your sleep but also benefits anyone sharing your room.
  3. Deeper Sleep:  Some theories suggest mouth taping may lead to deeper sleep.  Normal nasal breathing allows for better oxygen exchange which can contribute to a more restful sleep cycle. Additionally, reduced mouth dryness and a more relaxed throat from nasal breathing may also promote deeper sleep for some individuals.

So what does Brit + Co has to say about Dryft Sleep?

Dryft’s mouth tape is breathable yet sticky enough to stay on all night long without shifting. It also features a medical-grade hypoallergenic adhesive to ensure your skin isn’t irritated, even after 8+ hours of wear during sleep.” 

Thanks for the shout out Brit + Co! And thanks to author Maura Jenkins for this great health and lifestyle-focused take on mouth tape. 

To try Dryft Sleep Mouth Tape for yourself, head over here

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