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The Quality Edit Roundup of Reputable Mouth Tape Brands

The Quality Edit Roundup of Reputable Mouth Tape Brands

Bad breath? Wrinkles? Snoring?

Not during our beauty sleep! 

The Quality Edit is at it again as they recap their favorite quality mouth tape brands in this new article: “For a Restful Night’s Sleep, Consider Mouth Tapes from These 6 Reputable Brands.” 

And what is mouth tape and how can it better your sleep? Let’s dive in!

Here are five key ways mouth tape can potentially improve your sleep:

  1. Promotes Nasal Breathing:  Our noses are nature's built-in air filters, humidifiers, and regulators. Mouth taping gently encourages nasal breathing throughout the night, which can lead to clearer airways, reduced congestion, and overall better sleep quality.
  2. Reduces Snoring:  Many people snore due to vibrations in the throat caused by mouth breathing. Mouth taping forces nasal breathing, eliminating these vibrations and leading to quieter, more peaceful sleep for both you and anyone sharing your bed.
  3. Deeper Sleep:  Theories suggest mouth taping may promote deeper sleep by allowing for better oxygen exchange through nasal breathing. Additionally, some individuals may experience deeper sleep due to reduced mouth dryness and a more relaxed throat from consistent nasal breathing.
  4. Decreased Dry Mouth:  Waking up with a parched mouth is a common complaint. Mouth breathing dries out your mouth throughout the night. Taping your mouth encourages nasal breathing, which can help keep your mouth moist and prevent that unpleasant morning dryness.
  5. Habitual Mouth Breathing:  If you're a habitual mouth breather, mouth taping can be a retraining tool. By gently reminding you to breathe through your nose, it can help establish nasal breathing as the norm, even after you remove the tape.

And, another hidden win from mouth taping? Your partner will sleep just a little bit sounds knowing you’re sleeping better (and more quietly) all night long. 

Read the full article about mouth tape from The Quality Edit here

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