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Deep Breathing for Better Skin and Immunity

Deep Breathing for Better Skin and Immunity

If you want brighter skin, a better response to pain, and a calmer approach to micro-stressors, look no further than deep breathing. It's the easiest thing to add to your self-care routine right now and so many celebrities are doing it—from Hailey Bieber to Gwyneth Paltrow, and many more. So what are the benefits of deep, diaphragmatic breathing? Let’s dive into some pillow talk: 

Helps Clear The Lungs

Deep breathing helps clear the lung by allowing more oxygen into your body. This oxygen helps reduce inflammation in the respiratory pathways, making it easier for air to move through your system. Not only that, but this influx of oxygen also helps get rid of toxins and waste in the body. As an added bonus, when your lungs are healthy they can help support immune function as well! Better immunity may mean fewer colds and a better defense against viruses (although washing your hands and wearing a mask can’t hurt, either!).

Deep Breathing Helps Reduce Stress

We all know that stress can take its toll on both our mental and physical health. When you take time for deep breathing exercises, you can actually help lower your cortisol levels (the hormone responsible for stress). This not only reduces feelings of anxiety and tension in the moment but it can also help keep those feelings from coming back too often. Plus, reducing stress can improve your overall complexion since it’s one of the leading causes of wrinkles and acne breakouts. 

Helps You Work Through Physical Pain        

Deep breathing is also beneficial when it comes to tackling physical pain. When we experience pain our bodies tend to tense up as a protective measure which can make it difficult to find relief. Taking a few moments throughout the day or before bedtime to focus on diaphragmatic breaths can help relax those tense muscles while providing relief from any discomfort or soreness you may be experiencing.  Not only that but this type of breath work has been found to be effective at improving circulation as well. Better circulation = more glowing skin. 

Glow-Boosting Benefits

If you’re looking for glowing skin like Hailey Bieber’s famous glazed donut approach to skincare then deep breathing is definitely something you should incorporate into your routine. Not only does increased oxygenation help clear out toxins from our system but it also increases blood flow which carries much-needed nutrients directly to our skin cells. This helps promote healthier cell growth which leads to brighter-looking skin.

Deep breathing is one of the easiest ways you can improve overall health and wellness while getting some great beauty benefits along with it! And, even better, it’s free! The good news is that anyone can do these exercises as long as they have access to clean air – so what are you waiting for? Be sure to start incorporating diaphragmatic breaths into your daily routine today and see how much better you look and feel tomorrow! 

And, when you need support practicing nasal breathing while you sleep, mouth tape like ours is a great solution to continue your breathing practice even while you're asleep!

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