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Three Reasons to Buy Mouth Tape from a Reputable Source

Three Reasons to Buy Mouth Tape from a Reputable Source

You’re probably here because you’ve heard of mouth tape on TikTok or the news, or maybe your favorite influencer, and you want to know more about it!  It's the latest sleep solution that helps keep your mouth closed so you breathe through your nose, not your mouth. This not only prevents snoring but also improves your overall sleep quality and promotes positive wellness attributes like clearer skin and less foggy mind. But where should you buy mouth tape from? The answer is simple: find a company you can trust that offers top-notch products and great customer service. Here are three reasons why buying mouth tape from a reputable source makes all the difference.

Reason #1: Make Sure Your Mouth Tape is Made in America

Mouth tape is considered a medical adhesive product, which means it is heavily regulated in the United States. That means any reputable source of mouth tape should be made and packaged in accordance with U.S. medical regulations to ensure its safety and effectiveness. By purchasing American-made mouth tape, you can rest assured that what you're using has been properly tested and approved by the FDA—a must for any medical-grade product!

Reason #2: Proper Handling and Sanitation During Packaging Process

When it comes to buying any type of medical adhesive product, proper handling and sanitation during the packaging process are absolutely essential. A reputable source of mouth tape should follow good manufacturing processes from start to finish, including proper storage temperatures, cleanliness protocols, and more. This ensures that your mouth tape will stay effective until use without compromising on safety or efficacy.

Reason #3: Build a Relationship With The Company That Makes Your Mouth Tape

Finally, when looking for a reliable source of mouth tape, consider building a relationship with the company that makes it. Real people have souls and reputations—and we here at Dryft Sleep take customer service seriously! We want our customers to have an enjoyable experience with every purchase, so if you ever have any questions or concerns about our products or services—no matter how weird—we're here to answer them. Literally, just email us It will probably be our founders Lindsey or Jess that reply! :) 

Finding the right source for your mouth tape doesn't have to be difficult; just make sure it's coming from a trustworthy company with excellent products and customer service so your questions get answered by a real human. Remember these three key points when shopping for mouth tape: make sure it's made in America; check that proper handling and sanitation protocols were followed during packaging; build a relationship with the company making your product so they can answer all your questions accurately and quickly. And, sleep tight! 

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