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Unlocking the Benefits of Nasal Breathing: A Beginner's Guide for Athletes and Biohackers

Unlocking the Benefits of Nasal Breathing: A Beginner's Guide for Athletes and Biohackers

If you're passionate about biohacking, you’ve probably read an article or two about nasal breathing. Nasal breathing (breathing where you explicitly and intentionally breathe through your nose) can impart improved performance in fitness, better recovery after exercise, and improved oxygenation of the blood. Let’s dive into why nasal breathing is an effective way to optimize your athletic performance.

Reason #1: Better Performance in Fitness

Nasal breathing has been proven to improve athletic performance by increasing oxygen uptake and energy levels during workouts. The process of nasal-only respiration (no mouth breathing) creates a more efficient pathway for air to enter your body because the air doesn't have to travel through your throat or down your chest cavity before it reaches the lungs. This increases both efficiency and speed during physical activity, leading to improved performance during training sessions and races alike. 

Increased oxygen consumption = increased oxygenation of the blood = better performance outcomes. 

Reason #2: Improved Recovery After Exercise

Nasal breathing helps you recover faster after exercise by promoting healthy circulation throughout the body. When you breathe through your nose rather than your mouth, the air is forced to travel further before entering the lungs which creates a vacuum-like effect that stimulates increased blood flow throughout the body, allowing for optimal recovery after intense workouts. Additionally, nasal-only respiration helps promote better sleep quality which is essential for proper muscle repair and growth.

Better breathing = better sleep = better performance outcomes

Reason #3: Improved Oxygenation of the Blood  

When you use only your nose to breathe during exercise, more oxygen is delivered directly into your bloodstream because there is less resistance from forcing air through both nostrils than from forcing it through one nostril or your mouth alone. This allows for maximum oxygen delivery throughout the body which can help prevent fatigue and improve overall endurance during physical activity. Additionally, this can help reduce inflammation in tissues that have become damaged from overuse or injury due to its anti-inflammatory properties.

Improved blood oxygenation = potentially reduced inflammation = better performance outcomes

Breathwork should not be overlooked when it comes to improving overall health and well-being—especially if you’re an athlete who wants to get ahead of your competition. Nasal breathing is one simple but powerful biohack that can help increase performance in fitness while simultaneously aiding recovery after exercise and improving oxygenation of the blood.

If nasal breathing is still new to you, or you feel like you need physical assistance to utilize it, try our Dryft Sleep Strips. It’s gentle mouth tape that is comfortable to wear while exercising, and can be worn during daytime hours and easily removed while training as needed. Our small mouth-breathing vent brings comfort, too, in case you’re concerned about your nasal breathing performance when you get started. 

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