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Summer Sleep Tips

Summer Sleep Tips

Whether you’re hitting the Amalfi Coast or the AMC down the street this summer, your sleep can be interrupted by an irregular schedule, travel, or simply the change in weather.

We’re breaking down our top five tips for sleeping well this summer, so let’s dive in!  

  • Keep a consistent schedule (even if you're on vacation). With travel, lack of school schedules, and even summer Fridays affecting our day-to-day routine, you might sacrifice some sleep this summer just by simply being out of your element. The best tool for combatting summer sleeptime woes is most certainly a schedule. Try to keep the same bedtime, wake time, and start time for your overall evening routine to keep your body regulated and your mind at ease.
  • Stay cool by wearing and sleeping in lightweight fabrics. It goes without saying that summers in most of the U.S. can be HOT! But before you crank the AC (which isn’t great for your sleep either if it’s too cold in your home), try selecting your most lightweight and moisture-wicking fabrics for sleep. Cotton, linen, or blends of the two fabrics are your best bet to stay cool as summer long. This extends to your bedding, too! Swap out heavy blankets or woolen products for lightweight fabrics that circulate air around your body while you sleep.
  • Decrease your exposure to light during the day or at least two hours before sleep. With longer days it can be harder to escape the sunlight before you turn in, so consider room-darkening curtains, an eye mask, or both for the sunny summer months. Dim lights around you at least two hours before bed to prep your body and mind into thinking it’s sleeptime soon.  
  • Find time to relax before bed. We could all use more relaxation time before bed every season of the year, not just summer, but with travel and busy social schedules spurred on by summer, it’s crucial to find some quiet time before bed, whether you’re home or away. Find a ritual that works for you, like reading a book, meditating, or just snuggling with your partner to get into relaxation mode at least 30 minutes before sleep.  
  • And, as always, end screentime at least 30 minutes before sleep. We can’t say it enough! The blue light from devices like phones, tablets, and TVs can interfere with your brain’s ability to shut off at night. The sooner you can power down before sleep, the faster you’ll fall asleep.

Got more summer sleep tips? DM us on Instagram! We can't wait to hear about it! 

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