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Top 10 Benefits of Nasal Breathing

Top 10 Benefits of Nasal Breathing

We are big fans of nasal breathing around here. So much so that when we named our company “Dryft Sleep” we did so to honor how much easier we were able to drift to sleep when we focused on nasal breathing. Pretty cool, right? 

You, too, can dryft to sleep more easily (and have a more restful tomorrow!) by using our Beauty-Sleep Strips (sometimes referred to as lip tape or lip strips). Beyond just a more pleasant morning, we’ve found there are ten immediate benefits to nasal breathing. Let’s check ‘em out! 

  1. Limited or no snoring! Yay! 
  2. No dry mouth while sleeping (goodbye glass of water next to the bed!) 
  3. Reduced or no drooling while sleeping (glad to kiss that one goodbye!) 
  4. Improved lung capacity, which means a strong diaphragm and lungs 
  5. Slower breathing, which can offer cardiovascular benefits
  6. Increased oxygen uptake while sleeping (more oxygen in your blood = less brain fog!) 
  7. Reduced intake of airborne particles while sleeping (the nose is just so naturally good at filtering those things out!) 
  8. More humidified inhaled air, which makes your naturally moist lungs very happy :) 
  9. Some nasal breathers even see improvements to the shape and angularity of their jaw line over time, making you look that much perkier in the morning 
  10. And (last, but definitely not least), good beauty sleep can mean a glowing complexion in the morning and (dare, we say!) a hunger for the day ahead!

So, what are you waiting for? Improve your nasal breathing by trying Dryft Beauty-Sleep Strips today and enjoy our 100% money-back guarantee. 

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