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The Dryft Sleep 30-Day Sleep Challenge | Ready, Set, Sleep!

The Dryft Sleep 30-Day Sleep Challenge | Ready, Set, Sleep!

1/2/23 - 1/31/23

Like good nutrition and exercise, sleep is a key element to feel your best and support your health and wellness goals by providing renewal for your body and mind. The challenge in getting great sleep always comes back to utilizing the tools, time or routines to make our sleep a priority. 

This month, challenge yourself each day to incorporate one of the following sleep hacks into your sleeptime routine, and see what habits stick after 31 days. You’ll be amazed how little things every day in changing your sleep routine can add up to big nights of full rest and happier you each morning! 

Improve Your Routine:

SET A SCHEDULE: Studies show that people who keep a consistent bedtime schedule sleep best. This week, keep your patterns similar, even on the weekend. The routine helps your body set a reliable sleep/wake cycle. This sleek alarm clock from Hatch also acts as a wind-down tool, with softer lighting and soundscapes to set the tone, before you hop into bed. 

STAY COOL: For most people, sleep comes easiest when the room temperature is around 65 degrees. Try taking a warm bath or shower about an hour before bed. When you emerge, the immediate drop in body temperature helps relax your body and sets you up for a better sleep. Want to keep your A/C on lock? Try this cooling duvet from Rest to keep you chillin’ all night! 

USE TECH WISELY: In the 90 minutes before bed, turn off all screens. They emit light that suppresses melatonin (the hormone that helps you sleep). Need to be on your screen? Opt for using blue-light glasses, like these chic ones from Felix Gray.

Calm Your Mind 

WRITE IT DOWN: Anxiety makes insomnia worse, so try some techniques to ease your worries. Before bed, write down your goals for the next day. Leave it all on the sheet of paper. The list will be there in the morning so no need to worry about it all night. We love this wellness journal from Papier to keep in your bedside drawer. 

BREATHE DEEPLY (THROUGH YOUR NOSE): Take some time before bed to do some simple breathing exercises. Experts say that they dissipate stress. Simply inhale through your nose for three seconds, purse your lips and exhale for as long as possible. Repeat for three to five minutes. Or, try these breathwork exercises via the Breathwrk app. And of course, we’re all about nasal breathing, so snag some Dryft Sleep Strips to ensure that mouth of yours is shut during shut eye. 

FOCUS ON YOUR TONGUE: One way to turn off your stress hormones (adrenaline and cortisol) is to let your tongue go limp and open your mouth slightly, which loosens the jaw. This sends a message to your nervous system that it’s time to rest and restore. Additionally, you can give your tongue some love with a scraper, after you’re done brushing your teeth – like this copper one from See New Skincare. 

MEDITATE YOUR WAY: Sleep meditation is a specific genre, meant to be the bedtime stories for adults. When your mind is racing and you need to check out, these playlists from Spotify are the way to go to get those ZZZ’s. 

Eat/Drink Your Way to Sleep: 

DRINK RESPONSIBLY: In the eight hours before bed, avoid caffeine and alcohol. Alcohol may make you feel drowsy, but ultimately it disrupts sleep patterns. Try this chamomile pineapple tea, from Tea Drops instead. Studies show it reduces insomnia and improves quality of sleep.

GO FOR B6: A lack of Vitamin B6 has been linked to symptoms of insomnia and depression. Vitamin B6 aids in the production of the hormones serotonin and melatonin, both of which are important to sound, restful sleep, and also to mood. There's a strong correlation between depression and sleep problems. We love this sleepy supplement from HUM Nutrition. 

TRIM THE FAT: Watch out for fried or other high-fat foods, as they can impair your sleep. And it’s not just that cheeseburger and fries you should be wary of. Even healthy high-fat foods, like avocado and fish, can compromise a good night’s sleep. One reason is that meals rich in high-fat foods activate digestion, which can lead to frequent nighttime trips to the bathroom. Using a tool like MyFitnessPal can help keep you accountable. 

MORE MAGNESIUM: One study of older adults with insomnia found that magnesium supplementation at a dose of 500 milligrams daily for eight weeks helped them fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, reduced nighttime awakenings, and increased their levels of naturally circulating melatonin. We love this Magnesi-Om from Moon Juice. 

Feel into It: 

PILLOW PERFECTION: Nothing feels better than letting your head hit the pillow after a long day to sink into night time bliss. Do yourself a favor and invest in a satin pillowcase and eye mask to give that face of yours the attention it deserves.  We are quite-literally obsessed with this perfectly-positioned pillow cube and this satin dream from Blissy Pillowcases. 

STRETCH IT OUT: Stretching is so highly underrated, when it comes to sleep and life in general. If you struggle to fall asleep, stretching may help you to do so more quickly, as it puts the body in a restful state; it can also improve blood flow and relieve muscle tension — both of which aid in muscle recovery and sleep quality. This 2-in-1 foam roller from Love Sweat Fitness is perfect for stretching and massaging the bod, from head to toe. 

GET COMFY-COZY: That’s right, we’re talking about P-A-J-A-M-A-S (sang like Gwen Stefani). Wearing loose clothing to bed helps to increase circulation/blood flow, not to mention gives your skin some breathing room. Match that with soft-as-hell material – like this one from Negative Undies – you may just be begging to go to bed early. 

LIMIT LIGHT & NOISE: Making sure your room is dark and quiet isn’t anything you didn’t know would help you with better sleep, but what’s the best way to get it? We love resting our eyes and avoiding that outside light (even if minimal). This sultry eye mask from Slip is our go-to pick, but any eye mask will do. As for sounds, if you’re into white noise, then a Spotify playlist will be your bestie, but if you’re more of a no-noise-is-the-best-noise kind of sleeper, these ear plugs from Happy Ears get an A+ in our book. 


And the best part about all of the above is that they all complement each other and can be stacked together for the ultimate night’s sleep. Sweet dreams, super sleepers! 

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